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August 4, 2016

How to Find Your First 100 Readers

Actionable ways to build your audience & subscriber base. From scratch.

Welcome to my new blog series, where I share the *honest* answers to the career and creativity questions that come my way.

“I just wanted to let you know that your work inspired me to keep going today. Do you have any advice on gaining those first 100 visitors? What is some of the marketing that has worked for you?” – Nolan Denker

Firstly, that’s so exciting! Congratulations. You’ve just exited your comfort zone and you should feel proud of that. 

Make no mistake about it, finding the first “100”, whether it’s followers, visitors or subscribers is no easy feat. But it’s entirely possible.

When I started my blog six months ago, I was scared. Between you and I, I believed that I was too late to the blogging party, and there was no space left for me. Oh, how wrong I was. There’s space for all of us.

However, Nolan, you can be the best writer in the world. If you don’t know how to promote your work, don’t expect anyone to find you. Here are some tips that have helped me. 

Publish your work on – this tool is the basis of my following. But don’t just hit publish. Submit it to one of their publications first, and take advantage of a pre-existing audience. I recommend The Coffeelicious to get you started.

Comment on your competitors’ blogs and engage with their content. Take a genuine interest. Blog forums can be good, too. Be pro-active. Seek out your tribe.

Create secret Twitter lists to see how other bloggers you admire communicate. How frequently do they post? What kind of content do they share? Take notes. With time and practice, you’ll find your own voice, too.

A lot of people try and do everything at once. YouTube and podcasts and Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat and woah. Slow down. In the beginning, focus is key. Start by doing one thing really, really well. Nail that one medium first. And then, once you’ve established yourself for that one thing, add something else. 

Immerse yourself in your chosen field and you’ll start attracting the right kinds of people.

Do it with honest intentions, heart, and perseverance or not at all. Know that you can start late, be different, be uncertain & still succeed. 

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  • Ksenia

    I’m so glad to find someone else talking about the very beginnings! It’s actually something I addressed myself just this week after 3 months of blogging ( INCLUDING the point about there being space for all of us! It’s great to hear another perspective, especially coming from a blog I look up to as what accomplished looks like! So thank you for sharing – and I’d be really interested to know a little bit more about how Medium publications work?

    Ksenia 🙂

    August 4, 2016 at 8:18 pm Reply
  • Emma Hart | Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles

    It is all too easy to get caught up in doing everything all at once. The world of blogging and social media can be so overwhelming and I think it’s important to put your focus into one or two things and, as you say, do them really well to start building your audience up. Heck, even I’m guilty of doing not trying to do too many things at once and it never ends well. Thank you for reminding me to refocus and start growing my audience again.

    August 7, 2016 at 6:33 pm Reply
  • Delphine Chui

    Love how honest, candid and helpful this post is. Your site is brilliant Bianca and I am so proud to call you my friend – but even if I didn’t know you, I’d want to know everything you write xx

    August 8, 2016 at 3:44 pm Reply
  • Jenny

    This article is very good. Like you advised, I joined yesterday and sincerely I don’t seem to understand how it works. I posted something but I don’t know how to submit it to publications. I’m really lost can you help me.

    August 29, 2016 at 2:02 pm Reply
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